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A very emotional game that will further unite your family and company of friends

Android phone Android phone

4+ Players


20+ min


Easy understand


Age 6+

This is a game that everyone, from the age of 6, can really play. Put grandson, grandmother, dad nearby and they will cope with the game equally well and everyone will enjoy the gameplay.

Each player thinking X songs for game, minimum 5 songs.
All songs in auto send to host and after that host start playing random song.
List of songs hide, players see just the current playing song.
All players try to guess whose song is playing, the one who guessed gets points, if the player heard his song, he skips voting, pretending to vote.
After the song ends, the script counts points for the players, 1 vote = 1 point.
If all players guessed who thought song that proposed player got -3 points.
If all players don’t guessed who thought song that proposed player got -2 points.
End game happen when played all songs. If in the end players have the same points that will be extra rounds, when all players propose a single song.